Customised Leather Bedframe with Multi Storage Bed (No Headboard)

$930.00 $1,830.00

Free Installation Free Delivery. Average delivery time 2-12 weeks. 

  • Please contact our Specialist for the more colors

  • With side storage (Multi Storage) - One side only (left or right) - please consult our Specialist
  • Strong wooden frame structure
  • High quality synthetic leather (Option for upgrade to Fabric material)


Product dimension

Multi Storage Bed - 9" or 11" depth

Length : 201cm

Width   : 91.5cm(single); 107cm (super); 152cm(queen); 183cm(king)

Height  : 110cm

*Bed sizes Customisable, please consult our Specialist 


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Alan Y.

Great customer service by Adela. Reasonable price. Highly recommended for anyone looking to change or upgrade your bedding stuffs.

Noor a.

Customised Bedding Affairs H1 Leather Bedframe

Hansel T.
Service is good, Product rating depends on what you buy

I bought a King size storage bed and Adjustable bed V3. There were a few hiccups along the way and i was asked to top up cash. However after some reasoning, Bedding affair was willing to absorb the cost. Their service is pretty decent, they are quite prompt and transparent in helping.

Adjustable bed was good, however the storage bed which was outsource to local carpenter is quite poorly designed. With the King size mattress and adjustable bed, it is very very heavy so it is difficult or almost impossible to lift the storage bed alone. This could be better designed with the hydraulics further from the pivot point or installing an assisting hydraulic pole at the lifting point.
Many of the King Size storage bed out there can be lifted single handedly, the additional weight of the adjustable bed should be factor in during design. The Storage bed workmanship also so so, a few misalignment can be quite eye sore.
For the adjustable bed and their service, i will return to buy. But not their bed frame

Hi there, thank you for your positive feedback, we have since informed carpenter about this issue and we will be imposing 4 hydraulics for all king bed base with storage function moving forward so that it will be an easier lift. And you are right, the additional bed base on top will require additional strength compare to those without bed base out there, but with current technology capability, thats the best we can do to offer a storage with recliner bed combined functionality at this time. We are looking in improving with more R&D from time to time :)