Why Consider Combed Cotton for Your Bed Sheets?

We are all familiar with cotton as it is the most commonly used plant fibre for making garments such as our clothing as well as our bed sheets to bath towels. However, there are different types of cotton that can make a difference especially if you are looking for the soft and gentle touch to your skin, especially for bed sheets. Combed cotton is a popular choice when it comes to choosing comfortable bedding. Here’s why you should consider combed cotton for your bed sheets.

Is Combed Cotton Good For Sheets?

How Cotton Spun to Thread

Regular cotton as we know it is made when the cotton plant is harvested and then cleaned to remove dirt and seeds. It is then carded to separate the fibres. The cotton, divided into slivers are spun into thread or wool. Combed cotton is made by using fine brushes to comb and to pull out remaining impurities after carding, including short cotton fibres. About 15% of the volume is removed, leaving behind long, straight cotton fibres that are even and aligned. These slivers of combed cotton are then spun into thread.

Combed Cotton vs. Regular Cotton

How do you buy the choicest of these sheets in Singapore? Combed cotton is softer than regular cotton because it does not contain the short fibres that sticks out and prickle. Plus, all the dirt and impurities are removed in the combing process. Combed cotton is also stronger due to the shorter and breakable fibres removed through combing. The long and straightened fibres that are lined together tightly after combing, makes combed cotton less likely to fray. This also makes combed cotton generally stronger than conventional cotton.

Combed Cotton for Bed sheets

The softness and durability of combed cotton makes it an ideal fibre for bed sheets. The softness and durability of combed cotton not only makes it gentle to touch to the skin, but also more durable in the wash compared to regular cotton.

Caring for combed cotton is also easy. The care instructions are the same for regular cotton. You can wash and dry combed cotton bed sheets at any temperature. If you would like to prolong the life of your dyed combed cotton bed sheets, it is a good idea to give it a little extra care. Wash your bed sheets at lukewarm temperatures using mild detergents. Then, dry your combed cotton bed sheets using the cool-down cycle of the tumble dry function of your washer for 10 minutes. Remember to wash your new combed cotton bed linens and towels before use to make them softer and comfortable.


Hotelier Prestigio™ collection

Bedding Affairs provide bed sheets made from high quality Supima cotton as well as extra long staple cotton, both of which are combed cotton in our Hotelier Prestigio™ collection.

March 29, 2021 — hue lai