Why Consider Buying A Hybrid Mattress?

We all have heard about materials mattresses are made of - from latex, memory foam to coil. But out in the market there are also hybrid mattresses. How are hybrid mattresses different from traditional coil mattresses? Why even consider buying a hybrid mattress?

Since a hybrid mattress is made of coils and memory foam or latex on top of it, how different are they from innerspring mattresses? Don’t regular coil mattresses also have latex or memory foam on top? Hybrid mattresses typically have a little more foam compared to a traditional innerspring mattress. Innerspring mattresses have little indents on top known as tufting. Whereas hybrid mattresses use a smooth surface instead.

What Are Hybrid Mattresses and its Benefits?

Hybrid mattresses can contain coils with memory foam or a combination of latex and memory foam such as Bedding Affairs’ MattX™ Hybrid mattresses. Some hybrid mattresses are generally costlier than just buying a memory foam or latex mattress.

Although coils may add cost to a hybrid mattress, it also offers benefits such as providing support for heavier weights compared to memory foam. If you are a back or stomach sleeper, you might want to consider mattresses with coils.

Coils also allow more air flow making hybrid mattresses more breathable than a standard latex or memory foam mattress. Having coils in a hybrid mattress with memory foam on top also prevents sagging than just having a memory foam mattress. Memory foam mattress sags over time.

Drawbacks of Hybrid Mattresses

Hybrid mattresses also come with drawbacks. First, they may carry a pricier price tag. Not all come with high costs. Bedding Affairs’ MattX™ mattresses are affordable. They may also not be motion transfer friendly unlike an all-foam mattress. If your partner moves around on the other side of the bed, you may feel the motion. Though a hybrid mattress with memory foam top may have less of this problem.

Also, hybrid mattresses are also heavier and would require more people to lift and move than a memory foam or latex mattress.

Who Is Suitable for a Hybrid Mattress?

So, who is most suitable in buying a hybrid mattress? If you are someone who doesn't like to sink into your mattress, a hybrid mattress could be for you. Unlike a memory foam mattress, it is easier to move around on top of a hybrid mattress without sinking in.

Someone who sleeps hot would welcome a hybrid mattress as it tends to promote airflow better. It also is long-lasting and durable compared to memory foam mattresses. Hybrid mattresses also provide good support, if you like to switch positions while sleeping, or if you are a back or stomach sleeper.


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December 01, 2020 — hue lai