Mistakes To Avoid When Buying Bed Sheets

Some of us love dressing up our beds with bed sheets made of different colours and designs. While some of us just shop for basic coloured bed linens based on our budgets. Whichever type of buyer you are – one who shops for style or one that shops based on budgets, there are guidelines to buying bed sheets. Surely you do not want to fall into bed into rough bed sheets that could make you feel hot or itchy. After all, you spend one third of your life on your bed. Let us share with you mistakes to avoid when buying bed sheets so you always get the best bed sheets based on your style and budget.

What should I look for when buying bed sheets?

Obsessed with Thread Count

When buying bed sheets, most buyers almost always place the quality of bed linen based on thread count. If you think the more thread counts a bed sheet has means it is of a higher quality – wrong! Thread counts measure the number of threads per square inch of fabric. It is not possible to use 100% cotton single ply threads for instance, to achieve a thread count higher than somewhere in the high 300s.

A thread count bed sheet of 600 or 800 always mention 2-ply threads, where two thin threads are spun around each other to create a thread of standard thickness. As two threads are used, the thread count is doubled, even though it really is just a 300-thread count.

Hotelier Prestigio™ Freya With Umber Border Fitted Sheet Set

Hotelier Prestigio™ Freya With Umber Border Fitted Sheet Set

Thinner threads used in high thread count sheets are actually quite weak and can break apart more easily than regular threads. Therefore, the fibre used is more important than thread count itself. A 1000 thread count bed sheet made of thin threads could be the worst quality sheets you can buy. You can look for extra-long staple (ELS) cotton bed sheets at Bedding Affairs’ Hotelier Prestigio cotton bed sheets. ELS cotton bed sheets are made of combed cotton that are extra-long, thus making the bed sheet more durable and comfortable (does not pill) compared to regular cotton sheets.

Understanding Weave

How a fabric is weaved affects the comfort of your bed sheet. The two most common weaving used for bed sheets are percale and sateen. Percale is a classic sheet fabric that produces a cool and light feeling. It gives a matte finish and look to the bed sheet. Percale is simply made by weaving one thread over and one thread under. The fabric is durable and gets softer after each wash, providing great breathability.

Sateen on the other hand is similar to satin, but much more affordable. Its weave style of one thread under and three threads over exposes more thread giving you that silky feelings. Sateen tends to be heavier and is perfect for use year-round if you live in a temperate climate.

Depth of Your Fitted Sheets

Although bed sheets usually can fit standard mattresses, some do not. To be safe, measure the depth of your mattress before purchasing your bed sheets.

Bedding Affairs bedding is one of the Singaporean bedding brand's most popular offerings, and for good reason. The fitted sheet come with round elastic band that can fit mattresses up to 40 cm in height.

April 27, 2021 — hue lai