How to Mix Bedding Colours

We all want to have a soothing bedroom which reduces stress and creates a mood that puts us in the atmosphere to fall asleep. With this in mind, colours you add to your bedroom has an impact on your psyche.

Choosing a complimentary bedroom colour scheme is important whether you are just playing with colours, going for a new trend or creating a relaxing and soothing mood for you to chill out after a day of busy activities.

Pantone announced in December 2019 that the colour of the year for 2020 is Classic Blue. Classic blue is reminiscent of the colour of dusk.

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Blue and grey go together to give you a sense of deep relaxation. Both are calming neutral tones reminding the mind of the ocean.

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To lighten the blue and grey tones, you can add some lighter colours to the bed by throwing some pillows encased in white covers.

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Since blue is one of the most soothing colours in the colour wheel, mix and match your bed linen with a unique display of blue tones. Green tones also compliment blue tones so don’t hesitate to play with some greens if you have them in your bed linen collection.

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What if you are looking to have a bedroom that gives out sunny and positive vibes? You can always dress your bed linen with a welcoming and uplifting sunny yellow.

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Yellow goes with grey, and other neutral colours such as beige and whites. Grey and yellow work really nicely together. Yellow is a great colour for a study area if you intend to add a study desk in your bedroom.

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August 06, 2020 — hue lai