Choosing the Best Bedding Colours For Your Style

You may have an idea of bedding colours in mind to complement your style. But while shopping to dress up your bed, you may be distracted by the variety of choices of patterns and colours to choose from. You also have to consider if the bedding colours will match the colours and style of your bedroom. So, simply knowing your style is not enough as there are a number of factors to consider. There are ways to choosing the best bedding colours for your style.

Create A Plan

Instead of going on a shopping spree or just feeling with your gut, it may be helpful to create a mood board or using Pinterest to keep a collection of what you like. Use your imagination to mix and match what is on your mood board with what already exists in your bedroom. Or you can even create a board with your computer. Simply have fun with it. Having a clear vision reduces mistakes or time spent going to the shops or requesting returns and refunds from online stores.

What Fabrics to Choose?

Palais Suite TENCEL™ Silvery Grey Fitted Sheet Set

Palais Suite TENCEL™ Silvery Grey Fitted Sheet Set, made of 100% Lyocell Fibre (TENCEL™ from Lenzing)

A cotton set of fitted bed sheets and pillow cases can look very different from the drapey look of lyocell with its fabric shine. The fabric you choose is important. Sheen on the fibre gives a glamorous look, percale cotton gives a formal hotel styled look.

Solid Colour or Patterns?

Hotelier Prestigio™ White Sateen Stripe King Sham

Hotelier Prestigio™ White Sateen Stripe King Sham

Some of us may feel solid colour bedding is boring. Others may feel bedding with patterns may look out of date. Bed linen with patterns does add a touch of interest on your bed without being too overwhelming. There are some tasteful floral patterns that could match the mood of summer or spring. But solid colour bedding is just as flexible. It may not have motifs or patterns, but you can buy a solid colour fitted bed sheet and play around with pillowcases and shams in different colours. This keeps your bed looking fresh. It also saves you from needing to replace the entire bed set when you feel like making a change.

The Extra Touch

You can highlight your bed with accessories. A throw pillow or layering with a runner at the bottom of the bed can bring all of your bedding decor together. The key is to choose one dominant colour and highlight your bed with different tinge of shades and hues.


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November 16, 2020 — hue lai