Benefits of Sleeping With A Bolster

We all take notice of the pillows we buy for a good night’s sleep. A pillow can be the sole cause (with other probable factors eliminated) of whether we wake up with a comfortable sleep or waking up to a sore neck and shoulders. But we seldom pay attention to the need for a bolster to accompany us in our beds. Bolsters can be comforting and you will be surprised to find that there are benefits of sleeping with a bolster. When you are in Singapore, it will be very common to find bolster as your sleeping friend.

What are the benefits of sleeping with a bolster?

Many who wonder if a bolster is necessary for a good night’s sleep, we list the benefits here for you:

  • Bolsters are safer for babies and toddlers compared to pillows. It’s because bolsters are firmer and less risky for babies to get muffled by softer pillows which can obstruct breathing.
  • Bolster supports the lower back when you curl up to it allowing your body to relax while you sleep.
  • Hugging bolsters can relieve stress on your legs, especially when you have had an exhausting day of physical activities.
  • Due to the bolster’s ability to provide relaxation to your legs it can help you improve your sleep quality.
  • Placing a bolster under your knees helps you relieve pressure from your lower back as well. This also helps the blood to return smoothly back to your heart, improving blood circulation.
  • Placing a bolster just below your hip can help you relieve the pressure on your hip bone and this is beneficial for people suffering from back problems such as scoliosis.
  • Bolsters can help you improve your posture as well. Hugging a bolster can make the body position more suitable while you are sleeping (especially when sleeping on the side). The position of the body while hugging the bolster can encourage you to keep your back straight.

Want A Comfortable Bolster?

Want A Comfortable Bolster?

Bedding Affairs’ Hotelier Prestigio™ Microfiber Bolster is filled with 100% premium microfiber filling which gives it an excellent loft and support for your body. It is hypoallergenic with anti-dust mite guard, making it suitable for allergy sufferers. Added to the bolster’s comfort is that it is enclosed in 100% cotton with 300 thread counts. This makes the bolster breathable to the skin and soft to touch. Washing the microfiber bolster over time will not cause tiny bits of cotton to stick out.

February 02, 2021 — hue lai